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Time Stamps
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RapidPrint Mechanical Time Stamp
Rapidprint Mechanical Time Stamp

Rapidprint A-Series

Mechanical Time and Date Stamp

  • Heavy-duty design
  • Handles a wide range of paper thicknesses
  • Automatic ribbon advance and reverse
  • Electronically controlled printing provides a clean and instant registration
  • Sturdy cylinder lock prevents unauthorized tampering
  • Precision-made brass typewheels provide years of smooth operation
  • Heavy-duty synchronous motor ensures accuracy
  • Optional custom die plates allow for printing of additional information above and/or below the registration line

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Loan Units

  • Dimensions:4 11/16"W x 7 7/16"H x 10 3/16"D
  • Weight: 16 lbs.
  • Power supply: 115 volts ac - 60Hz
  • Throat Depth:
    1 3/16" standard
    1 9/16" max
    1/8" min (with optional extended trigger)
RapidPrint Imprint


Rapidprint A-Series Time and Date Stamp

For imprinting a variety of time, date and message combinations. Print automatically when paper is inserted. Solid-state electronic circuitry assures consistent impressions. Adjustable stamping force for multi-copy forms. Easy change ribbons advance and reverse automatically. Rugged die-cast case has a sturdy lock to prevent tampering. Solid brass typewheels provide superior imprint and durability.


  • Model: AR-E - Basic time stamp
  • Model: ARL-E - with LED clock
  • Model: ARC-E - with analog clock
  • Model: AD-E - Basic date stamp


Numbering Machines

Whenever sequential numbering is required. Many options available for your application. Duplicate action, repeat switch and code wheels. Solid-state circuitry controls both the number advance and assures consistent impressions. These models stamp a number each time a document is inserted, then advance automatically. Ask for the ADN-E if both the date and sequential numbers are needed. Solid brass typewheels provide superior imprint quality.

  • Model AN-E - Numbering Machine
  • Model ADN-E - Date-Numbering Machine


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