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ATC-1000 OATS Time Stamp

ATC Series OATS Compliant System

We still support and service all previous Amano OATS compliant time stamp platforms

Central Time Clock, Inc. fully supports and services the discontinued ATC-1000, ATC-3100, ATC-3200 by Amano.
We are proud to be one of the few dealers that have the expertise, knowledge, and resources available to continually support these older time stamp systems.


ATC 1000 Host

ATC-1000 Host Diagram

ATC 1000 Time Synchronization Host (Serial Connection)

ATC-1000 Host for the home-based or remote-trading location where real estate is limited; the ATC-1000 is a self-contained preprogrammed device. The ATC-1000 contains the primary functions of the ATVS 3000 Host, and provides a certifiable time synchronization signal to all interfaced time validation devices as well as displaying UTC time. The ATC-1000 can be monitored and maintained via a dial-up or by direct connection from a serial port connection. Unlike other offered solutions, the ATC-1000 has limited audit log capability internally but when  connecting to a host Win/Intel computer, a comprehensive audit can be created with minimal user intervention.


ATC 3100 Host

ATC-3100 Host Diagram

ATC 3100 Time Synchronization Host

The ATC-3000 series solutions consist of standard Win/Intel computer hosts. This unit is also configured to meet standard communication and network conditions and to provide a  certifiable time synchronization signal to all interfaced time validation units. The ATC-3000 Host maintains a continuous audit of all events from its date of installation. Local monitoring and maintenance is achieved via a dial-up or direct connection via serial or parallel connection. 


ATC 3200 Host

ATC-3200 Host Diagram

ATC 3200 Time Synchronization Host

Return On Investment

ATVS Software with Amano Pix3000xN Serial Time Stamps:

Amano Time Validation Systems (ATVS) provides traders with an electronic time validation system and time stamping device that meets OATS requirements for clock synchronization, Y2K imprint compliance, clock accuracy, and printing of seconds. The complete system includes the appropraite Amano Time Validation Unit which is synchronized by the appropriate host for your trading floor.


Central Time Clock offers basic to full system integration . The ATVS solution was developed with the goal of being the most cost effective, unobtrusive, fully integrated certifiable OATS compliant time synchronization system.

Our Professional Services:

  • Configure/Deploy Clocks
  • Implementation & Project Management
  • Unlimited Telephone Support
  • Hardware Support & Service

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