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Detex Sexurity Guard Tour Verification
Detex ProxiPen

Detex ProxiPen

Guard Tour Verification System

  • Reads RFID proximity tags
  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Compact, lightweight, simple to operate
  • Tough waterproof polycarbonate housing
  • Resists heat, shock and hydrocarbons
  • Powered by one "AA" commercial battery
  • Provides visible and audible indications to confirm RFID tag has been read
  • Works with: TopGuard Patrol Software (Included)

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The New Standard for Guard Tour Equipment


GCS is a market leading manufacturer of data collection systems which can be used to provide an unfalsifiable record of services which must be performed at predetermined times and places. All GCS equipment has been designed and tested to stand up to use (and abuse) in the harshest conditions. In today’s fast changing information society, not only large corporations, but also small companies increasingly require modern data collection and auto-ID systems. To meet these high demands, GCS have developed a high performance data collection unit, ‘ProxiPen’. ProxiPen reads approved radio frequency (RFID) tags and other transponders automatically and can fully satisfy the data collection needs of both commercial and industrial applications.

Kit Includes:

Data Collection Unit ProxiPen

The ProxiPen is compact, lightweight and easy to handle because it recognises RFID tags and other transponders automatically without any operating elements on the reader. The electronics of the ProxiPen are potted in a shock resistant polycarbonate housing, making the reader completely splash-proof and resistant against heat, shocks and hydrocarbons. The low power consumption of the electronic circuit requires only one size AA commercial alkaline, lithium or rechargeable battery, which can be replaced without any special tools. ProxiPen has an extremely high memory capacity and can be used for long periods in the field without the need for intermediate readouts.


How it Works

ProxiPen has a built-in sensor that recognizes RFID tags. When the reading head of the ProxiPen is brought within the reading distance of a transponder, the unique code stored in the tag or ‘brick’ is read automatically and without contact. Control points, incidents, personnel, equipment, inventory or activities can be assigned to a RFID tag. A visual and an acoustic signal confirm that the data has been read correctly. Firmware is upgradeable through authorised GCS distributors. Easy working - GCS TopGuard Patrol ‘plug and play’ communication and evaluation software is easy to use and requires only basic knowledge of Windows to set up the ProxiPen, create master files and evaluate collected data. The report generator provides a comprehensive evaluation report telling who did what, where and when. TopGuard Patrol software is included with each ProxiPen Kit.



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